Electrical verification and thermography, your allies for the renewal of permits before firefighters and civil protection.

12 enero, 2022

In Mexico, the main cities of the country register between 4,000 and 5,000 fires, of which 35% occur in industrial plants and businesses, according to data from the Mexican Association of Automatic Fire Sprinklers (AMRACI).

Beyond compliance with regulations and avoiding fines or sanctions, here lies the true importance of having verified electrical installations in good condition.

Electrical verification and dictum

The verification of the electrical installations consists of checking that the installation is as close as possible to the NOM-001-SEDE-2012, ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS (USE) which indicates that the equipment or material complies with the applicable requirements, or indicates the behavior under the requirements specified in it for the proper performance of electrical installations.

The verification of electrical installations consists of:

• Visit of the verifier to find non-conformities with respect to NOM-001-SEDE-2012, ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS (USE)

• Issuance of report with non-conformity to be corrected, carrying out a second inspection once the points of the report have been corrected to start the process of electrical opinion.

• If no non-conformities are found, documentation is collected to issue the electrical opinion by the accredited UVIE.

Points where the presence of failures after verification is more common:

• Pipe supports

• Labeling of boards and transformers

• Panel circuit identifications

• Load surplus not justified by extensions

It is important to mention that there are several types of verifications, those that are carried out on facilities that were made before the current standard came into force. And the verifications carried out for the new installations or those that had an increase in loads. Each case is different and must be addressed according to its particular characteristics.

Whether you have a small commercial premises, or you are in charge of an industrial warehouse, these requirements will be requested by the authorities on an annual basis, so it is better to be prepared to avoid fines and penalties. Without neglecting that electrical opinions are also a requirement to comply with some ISOS and insurers.

Thermography for industrial and commercial sector.

A thermographic study consists of locating points and areas of heat in an electrical system. Thermography allows us to know in a predictive way, anomalies imperceptible to the naked eye, but that can be appreciated through applied technology.

For this, an inspection of the boards is carried out with the support of the thermographic gun, the corresponding photographs are taken through which we can identify the points that present faults.


• Overheating due to faulty connections (loose, oxidized, etc.)

• Overheating in the conductors

• Phase imbalances

• Hot spots in transformer and substation components

Keep in mind that for this study to be accepted before the corresponding authority, it must be carried out by a professional, who must be registered with firefighters.

Our team has the technology, professionals trained and certified as Category 1 Thermographers to carry out these studies, as well as our current registration with firefighters.

Verify your electrical installations and thermography for the renewal of the required permits.




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