05 abril, 2022


05 abril, 2022

Energy deficiency is an issue that is becoming more and more evident in the big cities of the world, and our city is no exception, as the city grows, the demand for electricity also grows, which is complicated to supply due to the accelerated rate of growth. On average, if the maquiladora industry produced at least a percentage of the energy it consumes, much of this shortage problem would be solved.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to this situation that, in addition to bringing economic advantages for users, contribute to caring for the environment. When it comes to supplying the main source of electrical energy, photovoltaic energy is the best option.

Photovoltaic cells capture sunlight directly and convert it into electricity through an effect called photoelectric, in which some materials are capable of absorbing photons and releasing electrons, generating an electric current.

One of the immediate advantages is energy savings, but there are a few more such as those mentioned below:

• They are an important measure against climate change

• They reduce dependence on the consumption of the electrical network

• Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels

• They do not emit pollutants

• You will have 100% inexhaustible, renewable and free energy

• Its structure is light and easy to install.

• Simple maintenance 1 to 2 times a year

As in everything, there are also some points against, which in our opinion are minimal compared to the advantages that we can obtain:

• High initial investment

• Power generation may decrease at night or on cloudy days

• Energy storage is very expensive

Solar energy is the best way to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity production.

On average, the return on investment at the time of implementing solar panels as the source of energy for your company is 6 years (this period may depend on many factors, for example, the magnitude of the installation, consumption levels, etc.). Taking into account that the life of the panels is approximately 25 years, it is a very attractive investment from an economic point of view.

In Mexico there are tax incentives that promote the use of renewable energy sources in companies, such as the implementation of solar panels, which is 100% deductible in an accelerated manner in the first year, that is, without annual depreciation.

In accordance with article 34 of the Income Tax Law (ISR), in its section XIII, a deduction of: “100% for machinery and equipment for the generation of energy from renewable sources or cogeneration systems is stipulated of efficient electricity.

This means that the cost of the components and installation of a photovoltaic system is completely tax deductible.

Perhaps you have not yet realized all the benefits that photovoltaic energy can bring to your company, but for that we are professionals in the field, our call is to raise awareness in the industrial sector of our city to join the implementation of clean energy .



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