28 mayo, 2022


28 mayo, 2022

If it is about optimizing and avoiding fines and in this article we will explain why and what some of the electrical studies consist of, without neglecting the investment issue that is so important for companies.

We have already addressed the issue of the power factor and how it can play in our favor or against us depending on the range where it is, and this implies fines or bonuses on our electricity bill. If you have not yet read our article on the POWER FACTOR you can see it at this link https://bit.ly/3EWDG3C

Before getting into the subject, we share with you 2 examples of receipts in which you can see a penalty and a bonus for power factor, here lies the importance of electrical studies and capacitor banks.

If your electricity bill shows the Charge for the power factor, it is the indicator that something is wrong and it is necessary to correct it.

Some of the most common electrical studies are:


This study consists of a general review of the electrical installations of your company and checks whether or not they comply with current regulations. In addition, it allows us to detect possible failures, deviations, or imperfections that may be causing unusual consumption.

Advantages of the power quality study:

• Optimizes the productivity of the processes

• Increases security

• Reduces risks and prevents damage to electrical equipment

• Improve productivity

• Reduce costs for energy consumption

• Minimizes power failures


Every industrial building generates harmonics, but depending on the industry, the harmonics can be very or less important. On many occasions, this issue becomes relevant when problems begin to appear and the equipment begins to fail and its processes are affected, the harmonics are generated internally by the industrial plant and their magnitude depends on the type of equipment that operates.

Some failures caused by harmonic distortion are:

• Losses in the system

• Premature wear on equipment

• Damage to capacitor banks

• Heating in conductors and motors

To solve this type of situation, it is necessary to analyze the cycles and see if they meet the established standards, if not, a solution is designed according to what is required using a Harmonic filter.


They are the equipment that is placed in the electrical installations, both in medium and high voltage and serve to correct the power factor, thus avoiding the penalties that the supplier imposes. The capacitor banks reduce the currents that circulate through the electrical network to avoid equipment wear.

Capacitor banks are commonly used in large industries to guarantee the quality and power of energy, we can find them in large hospitals, shopping centers, universities, and large industrial buildings.

There are different types of capacitor banks, and they are chosen according to the particular needs of each project. Some of its advantages are:

• Decrease and regulate blood pressure

• Reduce heating losses

• Reduces wear on electrical equipment

• Release capacity in the system

• Easy installation

• Correct the Power Factor

The main advantage when carrying out this type of studies and solutions to optimize energy is that they represent an investment that can be recovered in an average of 2 years. Which leads us to the conclusion that one of the best decisions you can make for your company is to use energy responsibly and efficiently, which is an investment that benefits all areas of the organization. Remember that you should always be advised by professionals.

At Nezco we have the trained staff and technology necessary to advise you on energy efficiency and saving issues that will allow you to improve productivity and reduce energy consumption costs. Contact us and request advice on this.

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